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Promoting Authors Markets Books

Authors are the ones marketing their books through media appearances, social media posts, events, book signings, etc. As a result, they are also promoting themselves, which is helpful in many ways. Nearly all book promotion services come back to authors somehow; many writers have noticed the potential and have written books because of it. For example, business people looking to expand their companies or climb the executive ranks can leverage their book PR campaigns for multiple purposes. Authors are seen as subject-matter experts and deemed as newsworthy and interesting to readers.

Media trainers and training can be a crucial part of author marketing if you aren't a natural extrovert who is experienced in making public appearances. You can learn the hard way progressively from each experience, or you can work with a media coach to leapfrog ahead. Trainers understand the ins and outs of being an interview guest and giving presentations. They can explain how to get your points across appropriately regardless of the platform or questions asked. It's also vital to be aware of building rapport with an audience and coming across well. When you do, you'll maximize every opportunity.

Becoming a media contributor is another excellent way to market yourself as an author. You might be surprised by the extent of potential opportunities. Budget cuts and other changes over the past 10-15 years have stretched many news organizations thinly. When you step in and provide articles that fit their format and are of interest to their audiences, you'll have a foot in the door. The value for you is the byline carrying your name (visibility) and the brief bio that runs at the end. You typically have one line and can say your name and book title. Logically, anyone who likes your article may buy your book.

Consistency is the key to taking your author promotion efforts seriously. If you jump in from time to time and then lose interest, you may not enjoy the best results. The proven effective method is to do something each day (or several times a week) that advances your goal. It's also well understood that keeping your blog and social media accounts active is crucial. Allowing them to go dormant and lack "fresh" posts causes people to disregard them. You have much to gain by being consistent and engaging with your readers and followers. Doing so will help you sell your book(s).


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