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美好月子 從蜜蜂家開始
A beautiful maternity journey begins at Luvibee

美國蜜蜂家 🐝 月子服務公司總部座落於美國舊金山灣區的 Sunnyvale,服務美國全境,到您府上提供優質月子母嬰護理及專業育嬰服務,負責寶寶的日常餵養、護理早教、沐浴撫觸,為產婦提供產後恢復的貼身服務,烹飪專屬月子膳食,開奶催乳,調理身體,坐一個圓滿的月子。


蜜蜂家致力於標準化母嬰護理流程,培訓月嫂提高服務品質,完善月嫂甄選,預定,上工流程,以客戶的服務體驗為導向,達到 100% 客戶滿意度。蜜蜂家的金牌月嫂及育嬰嫂,均經過多層嚴格篩選持專業認證上崗,體檢證明及背景調查證明齊全。蜜蜂家月嫂到府服務,讓您放心安心,月子服務高品質,產婦尊享月子美好時光。

The Luvibee 🐝 Postpartum Care Company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide high-quality postpartum and infant care services throughout the United States, coming to your home to offer services such as daily feeding and care for your baby, early childhood education, bathing and soothing, and providing personalized postpartum recovery services for mothers. We also prepare special postpartum meals, assist with breastfeeding and milk production, and help with overall physical well-being, ensuring that you have a fulfilling postpartum experience.

Luvibee is committed to standardizing the maternal and infant care process, training maternity nurses to improve service quality, and refining the selection, scheduling, and onboarding processes for maternity nurses. Our approach is customer-centric, aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our gold-standard maternity nurses and infant care nurses have all undergone rigorous screening, hold professional certifications, have completed comprehensive health examinations, and have passed background checks.

Luvibees in-home maternity services provide you with peace of mind and assurance, ensuring high-quality postpartum care so that expectant mothers can enjoy a wonderful postpartum experience.

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Contact Luvibee for more details

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​補月子優品 蜜蜂家推薦
Luvibee recommends postpartum care products.

蜜蜂家精心為您挑選藥膳食補湯品,全部採用天然素食材,藥材,補血補氣,調理脾胃,養肝補腎,增益筋骨。每道濃縮藥膳湯品, 嚴選檢驗合格的藥材、食材,經長時間熬煮濃縮而成,將養分完全釋出。搭配獨家糯米月子水烹煮,風味獨特,新鮮、營養、健康。

Luvibee carefully selects medicinal and nourishing soups for you, all made from natural vegetarian ingredients and medicinal herbs. These soups help replenish blood and energy, regulate the digestive system, nourish the liver and kidneys, and strengthen muscles and bones. Each concentrated medicinal soup is made by rigorously selecting and testing qualified herbs and ingredients, then simmering them for an extended period to fully extract their nutrients. When combined with our exclusive glutinous rice postpartum water, the result is a unique, fresh, nutritious, and healthy flavor.

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蜜蜂家客戶 經驗分享
Luvibee Customer Experience Sharing


I feel that Luvibees scientific approach to postpartum care combines traditional postpartum concepts with modern medical principles, making it especially suitable for expectant mothers overseas. The postpartum meals prepared by Luvibee’s maternity nurses are very healthy and taste great. They have been of significant help to my postpartum recovery!

-- Jenny(德州 San Antonio)

Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 12.48.00 PM.png

-- Jingjing

平姐很好,強力推荐!平姐的优点:1 人很实在,带宝宝很有责任心 2 做饭好吃,比较清淡适合我的口味, 3 做事积极勤快也比较爱干净,平时她有空就会帮我做整理,家里整齐了许多 4 服务态度好,会尊重我和家人的意见,无论是带宝宝还是月子餐,她都愿意配合我们一起尝试新的事物。我觉得真正的月嫂不仅要专业有经验,人品和性格也非常重要。

Mrs.Ping is excellent, and I highly recommend her! Mrs.Ping's strengths are: 1. She is very down-to-earth and responsible when taking care of the baby. 2. Her cooking is delicious and suits my taste, as it's on the lighter side. 3. She is proactive, diligent, and quite neat. Whenever she has spare time, she helps me with tidying up the house, making it much more organized. 4. Her service attitude is excellent. She respects the opinions of me and my family, whether it's about taking care of the baby or preparing postpartum meals. She is always willing to try new things together with us. I believe a true maternity nurse needs not only to be professional and experienced but also to have good character and personality.

赴美生子 順利成行
Successfully giving birth in the United States


Luvibee arranges your trip to give birth in the United States, from prenatal care, check-ups, shopping for daily life, accompanying you during childbirth, postpartum care, mother and infant nursing, obtaining the baby's passport, returning to your home country smoothly, wishing you all the best and a pleasant journey.


Luvibee Maternity Nurse Certification.


Luvibee, in conjunction with Taipei Medical University, offers a dual-certification program that combines authentic Taiwanese postpartum training with the scientific concepts of postpartum care from the United States. This program sets the standard for professional maternity nursing services that all maternity nurses should consider learning.

-- Amy Chang 14年經驗台灣月嫂 推薦

-- Amy Chang, 14 years of experience as a Taiwanese maternity nurse, highly recommends it.

蜜蜂家 臺北醫學大學 雙認證
Luvibee - Taipei Medical University Dual Certification


開課時段:2022/04/18 - 2022/05/30

Course Period: April 18, 2022 - May 30, 2022


Course Delivery: Online platform, available 24 hours a day

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