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Full Time Filmmaker (April 2021 Updates)

Panasonic has announced that the company will release the firmware update programs for the LUMIX S Series full-frame mirrorless cameras to enhance the functions and usability. The firmware program version 2.1 for DC-S1, version 2.3 for DC-S5 and version 1.9 for DC-S1R will be available at LUMIX Global Customer Support website at UTC 1:00 on 13 July, 2021. A plug-in software to manage HLG photos shot by S Series cameras on Adobe Photoshop CC will also be released at the same time. The cameras and the programs to be updated are as follows.

Full Time Filmmaker (April 2021 Updates)

Panasonic is proud to announce the release of firmware updates for the LUMIX S Series full-frame mirrorless cameras DC-S1H (Ver.2.4), DC-S1 (Ver.2.0), DC-S1R (Ver.1.8), DC-S5 (Ver.2.2) and the Micro Four Thirds box-style mirrorless camera DC-BGH1 (Ver.2.0) to further enhance their functions, performance and usability. As firmware updates are a key component of the value-added service of LUMIX, Panasonic is committed to addressing and continuing to offer them as much as possible.

As a video-centric flagship camera of the S Series, the LUMIX S1H has been evolved with several firmware updates in the past. In addition to Apple ProRes RAW recording, the S1H complies with 5.9K RAW video data output and recording as Blackmagic RAW on Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR as a full-frame mirrorless camera for the first time in the industry*. Providing two alternatives for RAW workflow, the S1H corresponds more to the wide-ranging creative needs. This firmware will also be available for free of charge. * As of March 18, 2021.

After moving to Los Angeles, Jeong soon secured several television roles, in comedies such as The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. However, even with his growing fame, he still relied on his medical degree and job in a local hospital to supplement his income. It was only when he suddenly shot to fame in Knocked Up (2007) that he gave up medicine to become an actor full time. He still retains a license to practice medicine in California.

While studying at the University of Cambridge, Chapman joined the famous Footlights club, which allows students with an interest in comedy and acting network with each other and hone their skills. It was in the Footlights that Chapman met John Cleese. Finding success with the Footlights on a tour of New Zealand, Chapman decided to pursue acting full time, and after deferring his studies for a year he eventually decided to abandon them altogether. Chapman and Cleese would go on to be founding members of Monty Python, a famous team of six British comedians whose legacy remains widely loved to this day.

About four years ago, after a breakup, the filmmaker moved out of his house in Atlanta, Georgia, to hit the road with his dog, Millie. Since 2018, he has lived over 20 cities and visited over 20 U.S. states, all while living and working as a full-time independent contractor from his van.

Apple today released new details on the increased use of recycled content across its products. For the first time, the company introduced certified recycled gold, and more than doubled the use of recycled tungsten, rare earth elements, and cobalt. Nearly 20 percent of all material used in Apple products in 2021 was recycled, the highest-ever use of recycled content.

Bridgett Davis, filmmaker, novelist, professor, and 1982 Watson Fellow, creates "a daughter's gesture of loving defiance, an act of reclamation, an absorbing portrait of her mother in full". -Jennifer Szalai, NYT...

Held every year in February, Big Sky is the rare fest on this list that slipped in just ahead of the shutdowns to hold a full, bustling, in-person festival in 2020. In 2021, the festival team exhibited 75 official selections on Eventive, hosted a DocShop conference through livestream events and Zoom webinars, and made the Big Sky Pitch (an annual works-in-progress pitch session, juried by representatives from Magnolia Pictures, the Sundance Institute, and the Ford Foundation) admission-free and easily streamable. Missed 2021? 2022 planning is already underway, says executive director Rachel Gregg. A full virtual component is expected to guarantee the expanded access that made 2021 such a hit.

Student film grants are available to those under age 22 or with restrictions on them being in an institution of higher learning. Most student film grants also double as first-time or emerging filmmaker grants.

Learn more about the UH Computing Center's full back-up power generation readiness, among other preparations, as well as the timely reminder for each college and division to review IT Service Continuity in their respective Information Resources Management Plans and make any necessary adjustments. 041b061a72


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