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Families of eligible children will receive new or gently used clothing exclusive for the school year to help increase enrollment. Criteria includes a parent or legal guardian must be willing to receive the clothing at school, the child’s bedtime and/or waking time is the same before and after receiving the clothing, the child must not be enrolled in 24 or more weeks each year, the child must not have had a change in clothes for at least five prior weeks, and the child’s clothes are in good condition.

In a survey of 73 judges, the average time to sentence for first-time offenders was 36 months (compared with 38.5 months in 2011). That means that there is average a reduction of two-and-a-half months in an average sentence. For second-time offenders, the average sentence was 30 months. That is a reduction of about seven-and-a-half months from 2011.

Saskatchewan Agricultural College Home Maintenance Free Maintenance This workshop will provide you with an overview of the tools in your home maintenance tool kit. We will also briefly look at servicing tools. So if you are planning to go farm this summer, you owe it to yourself to bring everything you’ll need.

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