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每道濃縮藥膳湯品, 嚴選檢驗合格的藥材、食材,經紫金堂食品科技熬煮濃縮而成,將養分完全萃取,保留精華。以一餐一包的份量包裝,方便處理,省時省力。



In order to help postpartum mothers make the most of the crucial 30-day postpartum period and receive the correct dietary care, Zi Jin Tangl combines the theories of progressive traditional Chinese medicine with years of professional postpartum industry experience. They have developed a series of postpartum Chinese herbal medicinal soups with the guidance of Dr. Xu Huiyin, a doctor in Chinese gynecology and the chairman of the Chinese Medicine Association. These soups are designed to provide postpartum mothers with comprehensive dietary support in three key stages: "metabolism, repair, and nourishment."


Each concentrated medicinal soup is made by carefully selecting and testing qualified herbs and ingredients. Zi Jin Tang's food technology team simmers and concentrates these ingredients to extract their nutrients completely, preserving their essence. The soups are conveniently packaged in one-meal-per-packet portions, making them easy to prepare and saving time and effort.


You can customize these soups according to the personal preferences of the postpartum mother by adding different ingredients. When prepared with Zi Jin Tang's exclusive postpartum water, these soups are always fresh, with a variety of flavors, ensuring that the postpartum mother receives the most nourishing and therapeutic dietary support, setting them apart from typical postpartum herbal soups available in the market.

紫金堂 月子三階段藥膳湯包組合 Zi Jin Tang's Three-Stage Postpartum Medicinal Soup Package

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