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「紫金月子糯米水」嚴選日本國寶菌(日本米曲)、花東糯米及宜蘭好水,傳承老祖宗的工法進行釀造、發酵,采全自動專業分餾設備,透過先進技術,可萃取有效成分,保留完整營養素,不含酒精、人工化學添加物、香料及色素。和市面 ” 米酒加水稀釋充填” 的 米酒水不同。



"Zijin Postpartum Glutinous Rice Water" is carefully crafted using Japanese national treasure fungus (Japanese rice koji), Hualien glutinous rice, and high-quality water from Yilan. It follows traditional brewing and fermentation methods passed down through generations, utilizing fully automatic professional distillation equipment. Through advanced technology, it can extract effective ingredients while preserving complete nutrients. It does not contain alcohol, artificial additives, flavorings, or artificial colors, unlike many commercially available diluted rice wines.


This elixir is rich in essence, has a delightful taste, and features small nutrient molecules, making it easily digestible and absorbable by the digestive system. "Zijin Postpartum Water" is widely used during the postpartum period, after the menstrual cycle, by individuals with weakened constitutions, and for post-illness recovery. It can be consumed directly or used in various culinary applications such as making soups, preparing medicinal dishes, stewing desserts, and cooking a variety of dishes, making it an excellent nutritional supplement.

紫金堂獨家精釀 月子糯米水(袋裝)Zi Jin Tang Exclusive Crafted Postpartum Glutinous Rice Water

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