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Watch Tekken Chinmi Episode 1 ((TOP))

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Watch Tekken Chinmi Episode 1: The Kung Fu Boy's Adventure

Tekken Chinmi is a classic anime series based on the manga by Takeshi Maekawa. It follows the story of Chinmi, a young Chinese boy who dreams of becoming a kung fu master. He gets invited to study at the famous Dailin temple, where he learns from various teachers and faces many challenges. Along the way, he meets a funny monkey named Goku and makes many friends and enemies.

If you are a fan of martial arts, action, adventure, and comedy, you will love Tekken Chinmi. The anime was produced by Ashi Productions and aired in 1988. It has 20 episodes that are about 25 minutes each. You can watch Tekken Chinmi episode 1 online for free on various streaming platforms.

In episode 1, we are introduced to Chinmi and his sister Mei Lin, who run a small restaurant near the Choko River. One day, a mysterious monk named Master Yosen arrives and orders a bowl of noodles. He notices Chinmi's talent for kung fu and decides to test him. He challenges Chinmi to catch his chopsticks with his mouth. Chinmi accepts the challenge and manages to catch them after several attempts. Master Yosen is impressed by Chinmi's perseverance and spirit. He reveals that he is from the Dailin temple and invites Chinmi to join him. Chinmi is overjoyed and agrees to go with him. He bids farewell to his sister and sets off on his journey.

On the way, they encounter a group of bandits who try to rob them. Master Yosen easily defeats them with his kung fu skills. He teaches Chinmi some basic techniques and tells him about the history of Dailin temple. He also warns him that there are many dangers ahead and that he must be prepared for anything.

Will Chinmi be able to reach Dailin temple safely What kind of adventures await him there Find out by watching Tekken Chinmi episode 1 online for free!

As Chinmi and Master Yosen approach Dailin temple, they see a huge crowd of people gathered outside. They learn that there is a martial arts tournament being held at the temple and that the winner will get a chance to meet the grandmaster. Chinmi is excited and wants to participate, but Master Yosen tells him that he is not ready yet. He says that he must first learn the basics of kung fu and pass the entrance exam. He takes Chinmi to the temple gate and introduces him to the gatekeeper, who is also a kung fu master. He tells Chinmi that he must defeat him in order to enter the temple.

Chinmi accepts the challenge and faces the gatekeeper. He tries to use the techniques that Master Yosen taught him, but he finds out that they are not enough. The gatekeeper easily blocks his attacks and counters with powerful strikes. Chinmi realizes that he is outmatched and tries to dodge and evade. However, he soon runs out of stamina and falls to the ground. The gatekeeper declares himself the winner and tells Chinmi to go home.

Chinmi is disappointed and ashamed. He feels like he has let down Master Yosen and himself. He wonders if he will ever become a kung fu master. He looks up at the temple and sees a young girl watching him from a window. She smiles at him and gives him a thumbs up. She tells him not to give up and to try again. Chinmi feels a surge of hope and determination. He stands up and thanks the girl. He tells the gatekeeper that he wants to challenge him again.

Will Chinmi be able to defeat the gatekeeper and enter Dailin temple Who is the girl who encouraged him What kind of lessons will he learn at the temple Watch Tekken Chinmi episode 2 online for free and find out! aa16f39245


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