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Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing

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Mike Tyson (Iron Mike) is a retired American professional boxer. He was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, U.S. on June 30, 1966. Tyson made his professional boxing debut at the age of 18 on March 6, 1985. He is a former heavyweight world champion. He is 56 years old, and will be turning 57 in 3 months. Tyson is a Hall of Famer.

On November 22, 1986, he took out Trevor Berbick in two rounds, winning the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title. Tyson destroyed Berbick. As one of the judges, District Attorney Lane, told Sports Illustrated, "If I had let the fight continue, if I let him get hit with more of those terrible punches, it would have been criminal." A year after D'Amato's death, Tyson had fulfilled his dream and become the youngest heavyweight champion in history. It was a sweet moment, but the confused state of modern boxing meant his title was incomplete. In addition to the WBC, there was also a WBA (World Boxing Association) and IBF (International Boxing Federation) champion.

Finally, boxing fans could look forward to a long-delayed match-up, when Evander Holyfield agreed to fight Tyson in November of 1996 for the heavyweight championship. Against all odds the 34-year-old Holyfield ended what Sports Illustrated's Richard Hoffer called Tyson's "machinery of menace," when he won a technical knockout in the eleventh round. It was a huge upset, defying all expectations. In fact, pay-per-view channels had offered a per-round price, so customers would not blame them when Tyson felled Holyfield in the first round. Boxing officials had forced Holyfield to undergo a battery of tests, fearing he might actually lose his life. It was a stunning result, but nothing could prepare the boxing world for the shock they were about to get.

And Tyson wasn't finished, with boxing or with outrages. On October 19, 1998, the Nevada State Boxing Commission restored Tyson's boxing license. In December of 1998, he pled no contest to a road rage incident and spent a short time in jail the following March. That year he also initiated a $100 million lawsuit against Don King after discovering that his $200 million career winnings had dwindled away, and that in fact he owed $13 million in back taxes. In the summer of 2000, after knocking down an opponent, Lou Savarese, he continued to pound the fighter and even lashed out at the referee. Incredibly, in the post-fight press conference, Tyson revived his cannibal image in remarks addressed to heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis , whom Tyson hoped to meet in the ring some day. "I want your heart. I want to eat your children," Tyson declared, adding, "I will rip out his heart and feed it to him."

In 1986 Mike Tyson became the youngest boxer ever to win a world heavyweight championship title. Dubbed "Iron Mike" by the press because his physique made him seem invincible, he was hailed as the long-awaited successor to Muhammad Ali. He was later demonized in the same media after a series of personal and legal problems made headlines. Though he was considered one of boxing's most promising talents, mastering the fortune and fame that came with success proved to be Tyson's toughest challenge in life.

The turning point in Tyson's life came around 1980, after he had spent two years at a facility for juvenile offenders in upstate New York. A teacher there introduced him to a local septuagenarian and legendary boxing manager, Constantine "Cus" D'Amato. D'Amato recognized Tyson's promise, and the teen began training in earnest for the ring. D'Amato also became a father figure for the teen, and even his official legal guardian after his mother died. When Tyson failed to win a spot on the 1984 U.S. Olympic boxing team, he decided to turn professional in early 1985. Over the next year, he knocked out seven other fighters in the first round. He became boxing's youngest heavyweight champion when he won a World Boxing Council (WBC) match against Trevor Berbick in November 1986. Four months later, he won the World Boxing Association (WBA) belt, and later in 1987 took an International Boxing Federation (IBF) title.

Tyson successfully defended his title as the world heavyweight champion in 1988 and 1989. The celebrity that came with his new life, however, seemed to prove a deadlier adversary for him. After a whirlwind courtship, he wed actress Robin Givens in 1988, who later that year told television personality Barbara Walters that her husband suffered from manic depression and could sometimes frighten her and become physically violent. The couple filed for divorce two weeks later. The deaths of D'Amato and a subsequent manager left Tyson adrift professionally, and he fell into the orbit of boxing promoter Don King. His first serious professional loss came in February 1990 in a match with James "Buster" Douglas, to whom he ceded the world heavyweight title. Tyson seemed sluggish in the ring, and rumors arose that he was taking mood-stabilizing medication.

Tyson made his third comeback in 1999 after he broke professional ties with Don King, but was deeply mired in financial troubles and more than one lawsuit by then. In January 2002, before a press conference to announce a bout with heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, Tyson rushed at the British boxer and the two brawled for nearly five minutes. Tyson lost their June fight and filed for bankruptcy the following year. He claimed to have racked up thirty-eight million dollars in debt. In July 2004 he lost to another British boxer, Danny Williams, in the fourth round. Sportswriters and boxing fans predicted Tyson's career was over, for at age thirty-eight he was considered well past his athletic prime.

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In an interview with Tucker Carlson that aired Wednesday, former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson made the Fox News host react somewhat nervously as he described his fierce mentality before and during bouts. 59ce067264


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