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Haroldo De Campos Galaxias Pdf ((INSTALL)) Download

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Haroldo De Campos Galaxias Pdf ((INSTALL)) Download


GalÃxias: A Poetic Journey Through Language and History

GalÃxias is a unique and innovative work by Brazilian poet Haroldo de Campos, written between 1963 and 1976. It consists of 50 prose poems that explore the possibilities of language, literature, and culture in a global and historical perspective. The poems are arranged in a spiral structure, creating a dynamic and polyphonic text that challenges the reader to follow its multiple paths and meanings.

The title of the work refers to both the astronomical concept of galaxies and the ancient Greek word for milk (gala), suggesting a connection between the cosmic and the organic, the macro and the micro, the universal and the personal. The poems also evoke various literary traditions, from the Latin American neo-baroque to concrete poetry, from Dante to Joyce, from Mallarmà to Pound. The poems are rich in intertextual references, allusions, quotations, and wordplay, creating a dense and complex network of signifiers.

One of the main themes of GalÃxias is the relation between language and history, especially in the context of the 20th century, marked by wars, dictatorships, revolutions, and cultural transformations. The poems contain traces of historical events and figures, such as the Holocaust, Hiroshima, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King Jr., among others. These traces are embedded as "stumbling blocks" in the textual architecture, inviting the reader to reflect on the role of poetry as a form of memory and resistance.

GalÃxias is not only a poetic masterpiece but also a testimony to a century of catastrophes and changes. It is a work that challenges the boundaries of genre, form, and meaning, and invites the reader to embark on a poetic journey through language and history.

If you want to read GalÃxias in its original Portuguese version or in an English translation by Ariel Dorfman, you can download the PDF files from these links:

Haroldo de Campos-Galaxias PDF PDF - Scribd

Topografien des 20. Jahrhunderts - De Gruyter



GalÃxias is not only a remarkable work of poetry, but also a reflection of Haroldo de Campos' life and career as a poet, translator, critic, and scholar. He was one of the founders of the concrete poetry movement in Brazil, along with his brother Augusto de Campos and DÃcio Pignatari. He was also a pioneer in the field of translation studies, translating works from various languages and cultures, such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German, French, English, and Spanish. He was also a prolific and influential critic and theorist of literature, especially of the avant-garde and the modernist movements.

Haroldo de Campos was born in 1929 in SÃo Paulo, Brazil. He studied law and literature at the University of SÃo Paulo, where he later became a professor. He was involved in various cultural and political movements in Brazil and abroad, such as the Noigandres group, the Praxis group, the Latin American neo-baroque movement, and the Brazilian democratic resistance against the military dictatorship. He died in 2003 in SÃo Paulo.

GalÃxias is a testament to Haroldo de Campos' poetic vision and legacy. It is a work that celebrates language as a creative and transformative force, as well as a tool for dialogue and understanding among different cultures and histories. It is a work that invites the reader to participate in the creation of meaning and to enjoy the beauty and complexity of poetry.

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