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Gabe Graham
Gabe Graham

Transmac For Mac Os X

you can not make it bootable usb with transmac and Sierra dmg file it can never boot but can be used to install within mac only. this is is useless for those who wants to make mac bootable usb for new installation

Transmac For Mac Os X

The first thing that you need to do is restore the Yosemite-zone.dmg image to the USB. Open transmac, and right click on your USB. First, select the option to format for Mac (this will change the boot record from MBR to GPT). Once it completes, select the option to restore the disk image to the USB. It will take about 10 minutes to restore the image. Finally, right click** the hard drive**_ _that you want to install Mac OS to choose the option to format for Mac. Keep in mind that you will need a separate hard drive for the Mac OS installation. You will not be able to solely format one partition.


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