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Xlntsound Future Bass Serum Presets (SYNTH PRESET) REPACK

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Xlntsound Future Bass Serum Presets (SYNTH PRESET) REPACK

How to Create Amazing Future Bass Sounds with xlntsound Serum Presets

Future bass is one of the most popular genres in electronic music today. It combines catchy melodies, powerful chords, and dynamic drums with a variety of sound design elements such as vocal chops, glitches, and pitch modulation.

But how do you create those amazing future bass sounds that you hear in your favorite tracks One of the best ways is to use Serum, a versatile and powerful wavetable synthesizer that lets you shape and manipulate any sound you can imagine.

However, Serum can also be overwhelming and intimidating for beginners and even experienced producers. That's why we recommend using xlntsound Serum presets, a collection of over 100 high-quality presets designed specifically for future bass production.

With xlntsound Serum presets, you can instantly access a wide range of sounds that are ready to use in your future bass projects. You can find everything from lush pads, plucks, and leads to heavy basses, wobbles, and growls. You can also tweak and customize each preset to suit your own style and preferences.

Whether you want to create melodic future bass like Illenium, Flume, or San Holo, or more aggressive future bass like NGHTMRE, Slander, or Marshmello, xlntsound Serum presets have you covered.

So how do you get started with xlntsound Serum presets It's very simple. Just follow these steps:

Download and install Serum on your computer. You can get it from here.

Download and unzip xlntsound Serum presets from here.

Open Serum and click on the menu button on the top right corner. Select "Show Serum Presets Folder".

Copy and paste the xlntsound Serum presets folder into the Serum presets folder.

Restart Serum and enjoy your new sounds!

That's it! You are now ready to create amazing future bass sounds with xlntsound Serum presets. Have fun and be creative!

If you want to take your future bass production to the next level, you need to master some tips and tricks that will help you create more interesting and original sounds. Here are some of them:

10 Essential Tips for Producing Future Bass

1. Itâs All About Control: To make your super saws sound more dynamic and rhythmic, you need to have precise control over their volume, reverb, and filter envelopes. You can use automation curves, LFOs, or sidechain compression to create different patterns and movements for your chords.[^1^]

2. Stay In The Groove: To make your track sound more cohesive and danceable, you need to align your kick and snare with your chord progression. You can also experiment with different placements of your snares, such as on every third beat or every other bar, to create more variation and tension.[^1^]

3. Set The Tone: To make your track sound more professional and polished, you need to choose the right sounds for each element. You can use presets or design your own sounds using Serum or other synths. You can also layer different sounds together to create more depth and richness.[^1^]

4. Keep It Moving: To make your track sound more lively and energetic, you need to add some modulation and movement to your sounds. You can use pitch bending, vibrato, glide, or portamento to create more expression and emotion for your leads and basses.[^1^]

5. Chop Chop Chop!: To make your track sound more creative and unique, you need to chop up some samples and use them as sound design elements. You can use vocal chops, drum loops, synth stabs, or anything else that fits your style. You can also process them with effects such as distortion, reverb, delay, or filters to create more texture and character.[^1^] a474f39169


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