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Spark 1 Student Book

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Spark 1 Student Book

Campus Recreation is opening the doors to new students only for food and fun. Climb the rock wall, compete in archery tag, play a pick-up game of basketball, and check out all the club sports and intramural sport options happening this Fall.

Meet with your academic deans and professors to learn about your academic program, what it's like to learn in college, what support resources are available and what academic student organizations exist.

BEBC are Britain's oldest specialist bookseller of English Language Teaching materials. Now in it's 48th year, BEBC opened to service the needs of local language schools, and quickly established a reputation for speed, service and stockholding. We are now known locally, nationally and internationally, and we are proud of our reputation for holding both the titles and the level of stock necassary to meet the needs of our customers. Our core values that started the company still run throughout: a focus on personal customer service that promises to deliver quickly and efficiently at competitive prices.

SPARK is the only National Institute of Health researched program that positively effects students' activity levels in and out of class, physical fitness, sports skills, and academic achievement. Our programs have been used in more than 100,000 schools worldwide since 1989 because they are backed by proven results and easy to implement.

Historically we have constructed our classrooms with the assumption that learning is a dry, staid affair best conducted in quiet tones and ruled by an unemotional consideration of the facts. The field of education, however, is beginning to awaken to the potential power of emotions to fuel learning, informed by contributions from psychology and neuroscience. In friendly, readable prose, Sarah Rose Cavanagh argues that if you as an educator want to capture your students' attention, harness their working memory, bolster their long-term retention, and enhance their motivation, you should consider the emotional impact of your teaching style and course design. To make this argument, she brings to bear a wide range of evidence from the study of education, psychology, and neuroscience, and she provides practical examples of successful classroom activities from a variety of disciplines in secondary and higher education.

"A phenomenal contribution to the scholarship on teaching and learning. Cavanagh immediately engages her audience through narrative and humor and manages to cover almost every major insight from the literature. This book can be profitably read by anyone who cares about teaching."Elizabeth Barre, Rice University

"Cavanagh urges us to take seriously the role of emotions in student learning, offering research-driven advice on how to grab students' attention, motivate them, keep them engaged, and maximize chances of learning. This book will be of significant interest to faculty concerned about effective pedagogy."Jay R. Howard, Butler University

Bryan Harris (@BryanKHarris7) is an education consultant, author, and former Director of Professional Development and Public Relations for the Casa Grande Elementary School District in Arizona. He previously held positions as a teacher, district-level specialist, and principal. He regularly speaks to educators across the country on the topics of student engagement, motivation, classroom management, brain-based learning, and standards implementation. He is also author of 75 Quick and Easy Solutions to Common Classroom Disruptions and Creating a Classroom Culture That Supports the Common Core, published by Routledge. Visit his website at

Spark simplifies life for your members with online bookings,membership payments and automated reminders.Build better relationships with your members,pack out classes and reduce churn.

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