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How to Change NPC Hair in Skyrim with Console Commands and Mods

How to Change NPC Hair in Skyrim with Console Commands and Mods

If you are playing Skyrim on PC, you might want to customize the appearance of some NPCs, especially their hair. Maybe you don't like the default hairstyles, or you want to give your favorite characters a makeover. Whatever the reason, there are ways to change NPC hair in Skyrim with console commands and mods.

Skyrim Change Npc Hair Console

In this article, we will show you how to use console commands and mods to change NPC hair in Skyrim. We will also explain some of the limitations and risks of doing so, and how to avoid common problems like brown face bug.

Using Console Commands to Change NPC Hair

One of the easiest ways to change NPC hair in Skyrim is to use console commands. Console commands are special codes that you can type in the game's console to perform various actions. To open the console, press the tilde key () on your keyboard. You can then type a command and press enter to execute it.

To change NPC hair with console commands, you need to know two things: the NPC's base ID and the hair ID. The base ID is a unique identifier for each NPC in the game. The hair ID is a number that corresponds to a specific hairstyle. You can find both IDs by using other console commands or by looking them up online.

For example, let's say you want to change Lydia's hair. Lydia is a follower that you can recruit in Whiterun. Her base ID is 000A2C8E. You can also find her base ID by opening the console, clicking on her with your mouse cursor, and noting the number that appears on the screen.

Next, you need to find a hair ID that you like. You can use the command showracemenu to open a character creation menu where you can browse different hairstyles. Note that this command will also change your own character's appearance, so make sure you save your game before using it. Alternatively, you can look up hair IDs online or use a mod that adds more hairstyles.

Let's say you want to give Lydia a hairstyle from KS Hairdos, a popular mod that adds over 700 new hairstyles to the game. You can find the hair IDs for KS Hairdos on its mod page or by using a mod manager like Vortex or Mod Organizer 2. For this example, we will use HairFemaleNord40, which has an ID of 0010F7C4.

Now that you have both IDs, you can use the command setnpcweight to change Lydia's hair. This command changes the weight of an NPC, which also affects their appearance. To use it, open the console and type setnpcweight 1. This will set Lydia's weight to 1, which is the default value for female NPCs.

Next, type disable and enable. This will refresh Lydia's appearance and apply the new hairstyle. You should see Lydia with her new hair now.

If you want to change her hair color, you can use the command setnpchaircolor. This command takes a number from 0 to 255 as an argument, which corresponds to a color on the RGB scale. For example, setnpchaircolor 0 will make her hair black, while setnpchaircolor 255 will make it white.

You can also use hexadecimal codes for more precise colors. For example, setnpchaircolor FF0000 will make her hair red, while setnpchaircolor FFFF00 will make it yellow.

To use this command, you need to select Lydia with your mouse cursor in the console first. Then type setnpchaircolor followed by the color code of your choice.

Using Mods to Change NPC Hair

If you don't want to use console commands or if you want more options for changing NPC hair in Skyrim, you can use mods instead. Mods are user-made modifications that add new features or content to the game. There are many mods that change NPC hair in Skyrim, either by replacing their default hairstyles or e0e6b7cb5c


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