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LFO - Freak

The first single from the album is "Freak", a very straightforward take on the bouncy electro LFO helped define at the outset of the 90s. Unless you're not listening to any other new electro, it probably won't sound terribly distinctive, though there's hardly anything inherently unpleasant about it. However, when the chorus promises that "this is going to make you freak," perhaps something hotter than Inside Edition-assimilated bass hits should be going off. Fending a little better is "Snot" (another less than becoming title); yes, it's probably only going to sound fresh to the Fatboy Slim crowd, though it's hard to hate something so vibrantly spaz-joyous. The uptempo, big-beat motorik serves Bell's fiendishly simple, but very effective bassline well.

LFO - Freak




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