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Second Wave Of Flickr Getty Invites Being Sent En Masse

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Photo Search: var acct = getCookie('acct'); // document.write('\n'); if (acct) document.write('You are logged in as ' + acct + ' \n'); else // document.write('You are not logged in. \n'); // document.write('\n');function expand_links (which) var link_tags = [ "Business-Introduction", "Model-Releases", "Marketing/Sales", "Personal-Business", "Pricing-and-Profit", "Stock-Agencies", "Industry-Analysis", "Creative-Commons", "Copyright", "Orphan-Works-Act", "Interviews", "Basic-Tech", "Miscellaneous" ]; for (var i = 0; i < link_tags.length; i++) toggle_disp(link_tags[i], which);obj_id(link_tags[i] + "-checkbox").checked = which; Blogs Subcategories Expand Collapse Business Introduction READ ME (for Amateurs)READ ME (for Pros)TruismsBusiness SenseStarting Business Model Releases Book InfoPrimerModel ReleasesQuick FactsPro Models & AgenciesPublicizingEditorial UsesCopyrights & TrademarksPhotos & CopyrightsNon-Profits Need ReleasesUS Law and Intl PhotogsTechnicalities Marketing/Sales MarketingPhoto PricingFlat PricingSelling PrintsPostcardsWeb-based BusinessShopping CartsMarketing: Push & PullMarketing: Don't Spam Personal Business Perils of Pro Advice2009: Content is King2009: Web ManagementLicense AgreementsLicense TermsWork-for-HireCatch-all LicensingNegotiation: Your CareerNegotiation: ContractsPhoto AssistantsOn Writing BooksRAW vs. JPGMoney's Role Pricing and Profit Search Rank, not PriceMarket Efficiencies and PricingPrisoner's DilemmaRF vs. RMRF Affect RM PricingRF Hurt RM PricingMicrostock PricingStolen ImagesProfessional Advice Stock Agencies Size of License MarketPrimer Part 1Primer Part 2A Matter of ProportionLies and StatisticsJoining an AgencyMicrostock PricingBuyers & Search EnginesThe Meta-Stock AgencyThe Virtual AgencyGetty and FlickrGetty: Circling the DrainGetty: Staying the CourseGetty: Yet MORE AnalysisGetty: The SolutionNo IPO for Corbis Industry Analysis Economics PrimerEconomics of ControversyEconomics of Web 3.0Consumers & StockSelling FlickrKeywording ProposalKeywording: Follow-upAdobe Adopts ProposalPhoto Sharing SitesPhoto Sharing & SocialPhoto Sharing & LicensingInnovationSolution No ProblemPhoto Franchises Creative Commons SummaryCommentary Part 1Commentary Part 2Commentary Part 3Commentary Part 4 Copyright Privatizing CopyrightPinterest InfringementsFalse Infringement ClaimsPhotos & CopyrightsTransformative WorksCopyrights & TrademarksPublic Domain (P1)Public Domain (P2)The Heckler's Veto Orphan Works Act Orphan Works (1)Orphan Works (2)Orphan Works & LawOWA DisinformationEconomics of Controversy Interviews Who is Dan Hellerw/John LundInterview #1Interview #2PDN: Oct 2007 Basic Tech EquipmentImage ManagementMaking PrintsExplaining "DPI" Miscellaneous Photographing PeopleImage Manipulation 1Image Manipulation 2[an error occurred while processing this directive]You Are Here: Home > FAQ > Blogs > The "meta-stock" agency. The "meta-stock" agency. Friday, June 15, 2007 Click to recommend this page: There's an interesting new business model emerging that I've taken notice of that so far doesn't have a name, so I named it a meta stock agency. This is where a website mines the photo assets of one or more photo agencies or social-networking sites, and licenses those pictures. The idea is rather obvious--it hopes to act as extensions to microstock agencies by helping them sell their photos in exchange for a slice of the pie.This model is not to be confused with a different business model that I proposed in my blog titled, The Virtual Stock Agency. In my model, members from within a photo community (say, a microstock) would be able to make their own business by acting as editors of the site's raw photo content. They would, in essence, act much like a regular agency by creating packaged products or services that would help sell the underlying photo assets. The economic incentive for virtual agencies would stimulate more sales than what current microstock sites can do on their own.What's the differenc


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