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Pig Girl

the girl & the fig is located in the beautiful Sonoma Plaza and features a wonderful antique bar with French aperitifs, unique and traditional cocktails, an award-winning Rhône-Alone wine list, a seasonal menu, cheese & charcuterie platters, outdoor garden patio seating & outdoor parklet seating.

Pig Girl

The series begins with Miss Piggy hosting a late night show, but Kermit is having difficulties as her show's executive producer. Miss Piggy is furious that Kermit booked Elizabeth Banks as a guest on her late night talk show, and demands that he take her off. Meanwhile, Fozzie has trouble with his girlfriend's parents. Musical guests Imagine Dragons perform their single "Roots."

An innocent 11-year-girl at Hanover-Horton Elementary School was doing an art assignment and turned in her "piggie" drawn with a bow tie, and the art teacher claims that a boy came up to the teacher and told her that there were "boy parts" drawn on the pig. The girl drew an innocent bow tie on the pig, but the school insists otherwise.

"Oink" is an adorable, quirkly, colorful stop-motion animated film about a girl and her pet pig. This is a Roald Dahl-inspired movie that harbors some unsettling imagery before exploding into an all-out hellish chase.

Al of this is to say that you shouldn't be completely fooled by the kid-friendly appearance of "Oink," the feature directorial debut by Mascha Halberstad. Sure, it stars a girl and her adorable little pig (can we give awards to non-real animal actors?), but "Oink" has more in common with a Roald Dahl adaptation (with a splash of George Miller) than claymation specials. The result is an adorable movie with a dark kick that eventually descends into absolute chaos and mayhem. Oh, and there are poop jokes, lots of poop jokes. 041b061a72


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