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Where Can I Buy Walkers Shortbread Cookies __EXCLUSIVE__

Hopefully Walkers Shortbread Cookies won't derail my weight goals in the coming year. Hubby particularly loves Walkers Shortbread Cookies. Prior to moving to the United States I usually made shortbread cookies with a recipe I adapted from Food Network's show Barefoot Contessa. I love Ina Garten. Now Every year we look forward to Thanksgiving not only because of family time which we love so much but because that's around the time Costco wholesale stocks up on this gigantic tin of decadent cookies that is Walkers Shortbread Cookies.

where can i buy walkers shortbread cookies

I occasionally make Shortbread Cookies for my family during the year like these daisy shortbread cookies and these thumbprint cookies because they love it so much. You have to try these Valentine Linzer cookie hearts too.

The good thing is that shortbread cookies are so easy to make and require just 3 ingredients but the secret to a very delicious cookie is the quality of butter used. Now back to that Walkers Cookie Tin We had bought some during thanksgiving and even sent a few out as gifts. Sometime in the beginning of December we went to buy a tin for Christmas and my goodness it was all gone and it never came back ? How did we know ? Because we checked a couple more times after that. And that was it for the year. Ouch!

Since I was being lazy which was why I agreed to the purchase in the first place because those cookies are pretty pricey, I decided I would have to make some people happy by making some homemade ones. There is this particular set of cookies in the collection that are melt in your mouth with sugar sprinkled all over it. They are shortbread fingers and those my friends I would replicate today. After all it's Christmas and I think Shortbread is the official Christmas cookie at least in my home ?I read on the pack of the tin that the Walkers Family usually cut their shortbread fingers while warm from the oven.

Cutting my cookies when I got them out of the oven fully baked was great until I read a post by Nagi of Recipetineats where she cut the cookies when the cookies were semi baked. I decided to try that method today and it made a difference with less cracks on my shortbread fingers. I prefer a thicker cookie just like the ones in the shortbread tin we buy from Costco. If you prefer a thinner cookie see my update below. Because of the use of confectioners sugar in this recipe, it is melt in the mouth and so delicious. The cornstarch in the confectioners sugar is a contributing factor. Because of the use of confectioners sugar this dough may be a bit too soft to roll out. You can pop dough into the refrigerator for about one hour to firm it up.

Need an easy no-bake cookie for holiday gatherings, homemade gifts, or a dessert craving? Fix these simple chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies in less than an hour. Melt the chocolate, dip the cookies, sprinkle with fun & festive toppings, and let everything harden - that's it! Keep reading for lots of tips & ideas + three irresistible dipping and topping combos you'll love. Tip: If you have any chocolate leftover, use it to make chocolate covered strawberries.

I'm currently parked in a comfy chair next to a crackling fireplace, sipping on a mug of hot herbal tea, listening to the Outlander season 1 soundtrack on vinyl, and munching on one of the three remaining chocolate dipped shortbread cookies left in my snack arsenal.

Shortbread cookies are a traditional Scottish cookie (a.k.a. biscuit) consisting of flour, butter, sugar & salt. The primary ingredient in shortbread is flour, followed by lots of butter (mmmmm), sugar and a bit of salt (if the butter is unsalted).

Supposedly, shortbread cookies are ridiculously easy to make. But, I wouldn't know because I always buy Walkers shortbread cookies and call it a day. It's not often that I opt for packaged stuff instead of homemade, but in this case - yes!

TIP: Since Walkers cookies are imported from Scotland some grocery stores jack up the price. I've found the best deals at either Costco, World Market, or Amazon. They all sell big tins or gift boxes with assorted Walkers shortbread cookies at a much lower cost per ounce. This is handy when you're making many chocolate-dipped cookies for gifts or want some for yourself since they have a long shelf life.

The coconut oil helps to thin out the chocolate so it's easier to dip the shortbread cookies. Depending on the shape of the cookie (some of the bigger ones are harder to dunk), I like to take a small spatula or spoon and pour the melted chocolate over the cookie, then spread off any excess. That extra bit of cooking fat helps to make it pourable.

I can't take a lot of credit for these yummy shortbread cookies. Most of the props go to Walkers Shortbreads. I started with those and just dipped them in two kinds of tasty coatings. So easy; yet very pretty on the plate, don't you think?

The New York Times said that Walkers Shortbread is "probably the best food you can buy in a box." That's high praise. I agree. In fact, this is one of the only cookies I eat out of a box. It might have something to do with the pure, simple ingredients--nothing but flour, butter, sugar, and salt. That's exactly what is in a homemade shortbread cookie recipe. Walkers started making these Scottish Shortbread cookies over 100 years ago, so they've endured the test of time. Not a single preservative or additive. Luckily, they are widely available in the grocery stores in the U.S.

Walkers makes the tradition of Christmas shortbread cookies even more festive with a variety of holiday shapes tucked in an enchanting Snowman tin. Customers will love indulging in the classic Walkers buttery holiday cookies in the shapes of snowmen and Santa. The 3D Snowman cookie tin comes packed in Walkers' recognizable plaid packaging with additional eye-catching holiday embellishments for a readymade holiday food gift.

Walker's Shortbread is a Scottish manufacturer of shortbread, biscuits, cookies and crackers. The company's well-known shortbread is baked in the Moray village of Aberlour, following a recipe developed by Joseph Walker in 1898.[1] Walker's Shortbread operates four factories in Aberlour, where the company is also headquartered, and two in nearby Elgin, Scotland.[2]

Since 1898, the Walker family has baked these incredible shortbread cookies in the Scottish Highland's village of Aberlour, Speyside. These are extra special: tree, star, bell, or Santa-shaped, your holidays will be sweeter than ever! 041b061a72


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