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If youre creating an invoice based on a business model, youll find it most convenient to use the SelectModel button. The app then automatically displays the model and requires you to input the business id and related model fields. For example, an online shop can use the model provided by the payment processor, so you can simply import the data.For billing, the app comes with a sample Payment Receipt model. You can click SelectModel and select a sample from the list, enter your business name, and click Save.Finally, when youre ready to create your first sales invoice, click the +New Model button, and then select the Sales Invoice model. You may also upload a sample business logo and enter the dates on which you generated your sales invoice.

If youve created a Sales Invoice, click the Export icon. If you have a Payment Receipt, you can click Export and select Print Receipt.

Unlike a Sales Invoice, which contains only the basic and main information of your business, an Account Receipt contains more detailed information about specific transactions that are linked to a customer.

Profitability is determined by two key performance indicators, sales amount and total amount. Enter the sales amount, select an appropriate currency for your business, and click the +New KPI button.You can either add the KPIs directly to the report or you can add them to the Sales Invoice tab by clicking the Add Another Row button. 3d9ccd7d82

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