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Ni Mate ##VERIFIED## Crack


Ni Mate ##VERIFIED## Crack

All files were rotary prepared with ProTaper instruments to F2 file size of NSK #20. Rotary files were used for root canal preparations according to the study by Dorantes-Armenteros et al. [17]. These files were controlled by an endodontic electric motor (30 degrees CW and 60 degrees CCW) and had a ball-peen weighted tip with 3% taper (diameter 3.5 mm). ProTaper files, F3, F4, and F5 used 3% taper. F3 was the last file used and it had a 4% taper. F5 was the last F file used and it had a 0.5% taper. F4 was the final file used, and it had a 0.5% taper and used a 4% taper. For each instrument, the files were held in contra-angle motion (30° CW and 60° CCW) for 2 minutes to gain access to the entire canal system [21].

This study also used two-step chemomechanical preparation for root canal treatment. The first step included removal of the coronal third of the root canal with hand and ultrasonic files until the 17% NaOCl could be injected and the canal became confluent with the surrounding dentin. As evident from Figure 1, there was no statistical difference between the two instrumentation methods for lengths of smear layer, with or without Ni-Mate. However, Ni-Mate instrumentation showed higher scores for debris removal [18].

The samples were evaluated using scanning electron microscope (SEM) to evaluate the presence of cracks and conductive tube. The results were evaluated as follows: Score A: presence of cracks and their location in the dentin; Score B: presence of cracks but their location was not in the dentin; Score N: no cracks [10].

The Ni-Mate files had a diamond-like cutting property, a high speed cutting capacity, and excellent control of rotational speed; thus resulting in minimal micro crack formation. Other studies used also Ni-Mate files to evaluate the micro crack formation in the root canal. d2c66b5586


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