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by Gary HunterShootings, stabbings, suicides, a death and multiple escapes have turned the Cook County Jail in Chicago on its proverbial ear over the past year, in addition to misconduct by guards, a change in the jails leadership and a lawsuit alleging brutal beatings.Guns in JailsOn February 1, 2006, prisoners Lorenzo Evans, Terry Martin and Gregory Sherman each sustained bullet wounds from a .32-caliber revolver that had been smuggled into Cook Countys Division 11 maximum security jail.Randi White, 21, was arrested after investigators unraveled her part in the gun-smuggling scheme. Prosecutor Brian Holmes described a scenario where, on January 26, 2006, White visited Sherman, her boyfriend's brother, at the jail. During that visit White allegedly unscrewed the visiting cage mouthpiece ... and proceeded to hand the revolver to Mr. Sherman.Sheriff's Dept. spokeswoman Sally Daly offered a different explanation. We believe they unscrewed a plate where the phone was on the wall and passed the contraband through the opening, she said.White was originally arrested and held on $500,000 bond. On June 2, 2006 she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Evans and Martin likewise accepted guilty pleas and received 3-year sentences for their part in the scheme.Whites boyfriend, Isiah Sherman, and another man, neither of whom were placed at the scene of the gun smuggling, each received 2-year suspended sentences.None of the gunshot injuries sustained by the prisoners was serious. Authorities suspect that the three men were plotting to file a lawsuit against the jail after shooting themselves.In an unrelated incident, a guard was implicated in smuggling a weapon into the jail. Former Cook County guard Kenyatta Sanders was sentenced to 15 years in prison on February 21, 2006. She was convicted on a variety of charges including attempting to smuggle a loaded revolver and cell phone to prisoner Daniel Jimerson.Sanders never admitted to a relationship between herself and Jimerson or to smuggling the gun, but an investigation turned up letters she had written to her incarcerated lover.I want you inside and out, but I need your help ... I have never been in love with a man in the system, wrote Sanders. Another excerpt stated, Nobody can love you like me because [our] love is not a result of sex, money or material things, but is from two people connecting from the soul. We are soulmates until death do us part.On January 20, 2003, Sanders had wriggled through a 9-inch opening to avoid a metal detector, but was confronted by other jail staff when she tried to gain unauthorized entry to a tier where Jimerson was housed. A search turned up the gun, a cell phone and a knife with a 4-inch serrated blade.Earlier this year a gun was smuggled into another Illinois county jail, too, although by different means. Victoria Lundy managed to smuggle a .25 caliber pistol into the Ross County Jail on January 29, 2006. The gun was discovered after it accidentally discharged inside a holding cell.Lundy was originally questioned about an incident of shots being fired, then was arrested for driving without a license. Another woman in the cell with Lundy said Lundy had gone to the bathroom several times before the gun went off.A close inspection of the weapon revealed an off white colored liquid substance on the gun with red specks [that] appeared to be consistent with vaginal fluid.Lundy later admitted to the original shooting. Her charges include improperly discharging a weapon, illegal conveyance of a weapon and carrying a [very well] concealed weapon.Escapes and security failuresCook County jail prisoner Randy Rencher escaped from the facility on June 27, 2005. Rencher faced a variety of charges and is suspected of at least two bank robberies that occurred after his escape. Both banks were robbed by a man wearing a jail guards uniform. Of major concern was a statement allegedly made by Rencher that he had bribed a guard to help him escape. Ren


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