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Digi Loader 1 .exe Download Added REPACK

6. After the archive is installed, you will need to create a shortcut to SKSE64loader.exe and use this to start your game. MO2 automatically recognizes this shortcut whereas WB users will have to copy the shortcut into the Apps folder, located in the MOPY folder.

Digi Loader 1 .exe Download Added


This is the main program: a single .exe including a widget loader, a rich-text editor, and a widget engine to run all .digi watches.To install: download "" (300 KB), unzip it in a local folder on your computer and run "digiwatch.exe" that's it!If you want to download watch faces (or make your own watch based on examples), see below...

The very cool demo watch already included in the "" archive :) a Citizen Beams Temp!Features: date and day of week, time, 2 subdials animationUnzip the archive in the local folder containing "digiwatch.exe"To create a shortcut to this watch, right-click on its widget > Create shortcut

A 1984 Seiko "wrist computer" that you can program in BASIC!Features: full day of week, date, time and week numberUnzip the archive in the local folder containing "digiwatch.exe"To create a shortcut to this watch, right-click on its widget > Create shortcut

The Casio G-Shock GW-B5600-2ER bluetooth radio-controlled tough solarFeatures: day of week, date, timeUnzip the archive in the local folder containing "digiwatch.exe"To create a shortcut to this watch, right-click on its widget > Create shortcut

The 1979 Seiko A239 "World Timer" dual-layered LCD :)Features: time, world map animationUnzip the archive in the local folder containing "digiwatch.exe"To create a shortcut to this watch, right-click on its widget > Create shortcut

The Casio G-Shock GW-B5000D-1 bluetooth radio-controlled tough solarFeatures: day of week, date, timeUnzip the archive in the local folder containing "digiwatch.exe"To create a shortcut to this watch, right-click on its widget > Create shortcut

A very simple yet full-featured desktop clock.Features: full date inc. day of week, time with secondsUnzip the archive in the local folder containing "digiwatch.exe"To create a shortcut to this watch, right-click on its widget > Create shortcut

With more than 900 websites supported, our video downloader for PC allows you to download videos from many popular platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Coub, Vimeo and many more. SnapDownloader is one of the best video downloaders for macOS and Windows PC that supports a large range of websites when compared with other downloaders.

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"Change Active Hours" (Win10) In Windows 10, go to "Windows Update" and change your "Active Hours" to reflect your time on the radio to prevent a windows update during the time your using PowerSDR. Privacy Settings (Win10) UnderWindows 10 you will want to turn all the new privacy settings and "how updates are delivered" to OFF (block) . Otherwise your computer will be allowed to constantly send data not only back to Microsoft & others, but allows others to use your computer as an "Update server". Microsoft "Store" (Win10) Open Windows STORE app. In the upper right corner ... click and select setup. Turn off automatic updates of Apps,otherwise Windows 10 will be constantly downloading and installing apps while PowerSDR is running. Microsoft monitoring (Win10) Turn OFF "Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry" (huge drive and cpu usage hog that can start running in the background at any time while running PowerSDR) (text procedure to disable it here) Turn OFF the following Windows "Task Scheduler" items: ---- Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry (huge drive and cpu usage hog) ---- Customer Experience Improvement ---- Power Efficiency Diagnostics ---- Windows Defender (start hard drive scans manually yourself when you want ) ---- Media Center (Since it Windows 10 no longer allows the program to run) Turn OFF the following Windows "Services": All the "Diagnostics ..." services including: policy, service, system, Tracking (assuming all your components are working) Lfsvc: Geolocation service windows 10 Fax: fax Homegrouplistener: Homegroup HomeGroup continuously scans your network for files, printer, devices, data Homegroupprovider: Homegroup Media Center: continuously scans your network. WMPNetworkSvc: Windows Media sharing Windows Search (indexing) continuously updates its index files every single time a file is created, which keeps the CPU(s) & Memory & HDD busy. Turn OFF network Printer SERVICE: HP and others have poorly written network printer Services that will continuously eat up CPU & Network. Turn OFF MSCONFIG STARTUP programs that check themselves for updates (i.e. java, adobe, apple. do the update checks yourself). You can use free CCLEANER.exe to find them and disable them. Schedule your Virus Checker program to update itself & scan at off hours. Dont run the virus scanner when you are using the PC. Many Virus scanner program do background optimization without your knowledge. Usually the only way to quiet them down is to put them into Gamer Mode or Silent Mode. Disable Windows automatic updates. Do the checks yourself. Leave your computer ON, set for HDD & monitor to turn off after 20min of no use. This way the OS doesnt spend time after start-up to do housekeeping. Some Video card drivers(i.e. Nvidia) include Gamer previews that download and update without your knowledge. You will want to make sure you check the "Task Manager" to see any programs that are running and delete them. If you have an NVidia card you will want to check this link to turn off the Nvidia PowerMiser feature: here Run "Task Manager" (right click on the task bar and select "Start Task Manager" then click on the "Show processes from all users". This will show all the hidden processes that require ADMIN privileges to stop. Check them to see if any sneaky programs are running. IF YOUR VIDEO CARD IS POOR: Go to System Properties-> Advanced ->Performance Settings-> Visual Effects->Adjust for best performance (to turn off the graphics extras that you probably dont need)

PowerSDR.exe and PoweSDR.config.exe are the only files needed in the PowerSDR build. DttSP.dll is the only file needed in the DttSP build. PowerMate.dll is the only file needed in the PowerMate build. ALSO: vcruntime140.dll needs to be copied onto the target computer (PSDR program files folder, or download the free C++ VC2015 runtime installer)

How it works. 1) Type your Callsign into the box Callsign. 2) For TX on VFOA: VAC1 must of OFF, you can use VAC2. You cannot use VAC1 or 2 if you TX on VFOB 3) Click on the TX Water ID button to create and send the Waterfall ID4 4) The 1st time you click, there will be a noticable delay (very long delay at 192000) while the image is created before sending it, you MIC will be ON. 5) Subsequent Clicks on TX Water ID will start instantly (unless you change sample rate or callsign or mode). 6) The audio level can be controlled by going to the WAVE-> TX Gain adjustment. 7) Lower sample rates create the initial image faster, so less delay on the first click. 8) Bandpass is around 2.4khz wide starting at 150 hz 9) If your running 192000 samplerate, you will not see a very clear waterfall image. This is because there are only 4096 point to display around 170khz worth of information (40hz per pixel). It will still transmit clearly. You can only view waterfall images clearly at 96000 or 48000 sample rates 02/04/16 M10: Fix: I believe the studder in DJ console might be related to the PA temp/volts display which take .05 seconds to read and display. Made the Temp/volts display off by default, click on it to turn it on. It updates with the CPU, so whatever you set as the CPU Meter refresh rate is the refresh rate of the temp/volts when its ON. 02/03/16 M9: ADD: Check box in Setup->Display->Waterfall-> Enable Wider Waterfall. When checked this Increases waterfall bitmap size by factor of x2. By widening the waterfall left/right, you must go further up or down frequency to hit the edge of the bitmap. Hitting the edge causes a need to refresh the bitmap (which causes the deley ). The standard moving waterfall draw take .015 seconds, the wider waterfall takes .022 seconds. Older computers may by laggy with the wider waterfall area. Recompiled under VS2015 UPDATE 1. Font: Found somehow all console fonts got changed to MS SanSerif "Oblique". Trying to change back to "Regular". Swis721 is only for on the Meters. 02/02/16 M8: Feature ADD: On TX readjusts Panadapter Grid to span -90 to 0db, on RX Grid resets back to Low/High settings. 02/02/16 M7: Feature ADD: "Avg" button in Panafall affects Pan & Water. Now you can toggle have Avg Both, or Avg Pan fixed waterfall issue on resize of powerSDR window. 02/01/16 M6: Fix waterfall move on RX2. 01/31/16 M5: Fix clicking on meter now saves that meter for the next powerup. And learning some of the moving parts. 01/30/16 M4: Fix Flex mistake setting RX2 preamp offset to +14 (sometimes) when it should be -14 (just like RX1 on high mode). 01/30/16 M3: correct crashing issues caused by me going between VS2010 and VS2015. 01/29/16 M1: Fix blank space at bottom of screen caused by not copying the embedded font into the output directory 01/29/16 M: Feature ADD: DJ console 01/29/16 L8: Fixed Emedded Font compatibility issues with Win7 computers. (had to do with multiple fonts and not writing them properly into the privatefontcollection. 01/28/16:L : Feature Add: Freq Entry in KHZ or MHZ. (720 = .720 mhz) (7123 = 7.123 mhz) 01/28/16:K10: Fix: Digital display above meters, shift left 1 space for new font. Put Rev history in the About panel 01/27/16 K9: Fix: embedded the standard Windows Swis721 Font series into PowerSDR.exe. Enlarged the Edge type meter face. 01/27/16 K8: Feature Add: click on RX1 meter to change meter style. Fix edge meter size changing. 01/26/16 K7: Fix:RX2 low level band dBm following what you saved for the RX1 low level band dBm 01/26/16 K6: Fix:Edge meter red number too large. 01/26/16 K5: Fix:High level on TX Waterfall automatically sets to 0 db (you set the TX Low), since 0db is what your trying for anyway. 01/26/16 K4: Fix:Clean out areas of waterfall bitmap no or bad data. 01/26/16 K3: Fix:Turn off temp/volt on Flex 1500. Sometimes waterfall didnt move correctly due to timing issues between freq change and bitmap creation 01/25/16 K1: Added ATU.DLL to resources. This should fix Flex3000 ATU not showing up. 01/24/16 K: Now the entire Waterfall for both RX1 and RX2 moves with the spectrum of the panadapter. This leaves gaps on the left/right as you scroll since there is no data in those areas, but the waterfall will fill them in. This feature is not perfect, If you change ZOOM levels, it will not follow. 01/24/16 J: Add temp and volts to main screen, it updates along with the CPU% (hopefully calling FWC wont mess anything up?). Corrected the POWER on the TR7 meter by modifying the alg. Corrected the text and numbers on the Analog meter. Changed the FONT from the bla "Arial" and "MS Sans Serif" to the nicer "Swis721 BT" (italic). This I believe is the exact Font used by Icom on their displays. 01/23/1 I: Add Signal Peak hold meter for RX1 and RX2 meters (2nd red hold peak line) and db numbers hold peak with 2nd needle. Also corrected S9 readings for > 30 mhz to -93dbm 01/21/16 H: Add Menu item on the top line of PowerSDR for toggling Grayscale and Color for waterfall. Found Grayscale cuts the bandwidth down needed for remote operation. Also added toggle on/off fuction to Peak offset, Peak Power, Peak Freq values in lower right corner of display by mouse clicking any of those values. Also added hover tips to them. 01/18/16 G: Fix the RX1 or RX2 waterfall size messing up when you expand or shrink the PowerSDR console size. 01/17/16 G: Clean up and smooth the Analog meter lines (arcs). Now Analog meter movement(s) for everything except RX ADC(s). Renamed Waterfall "Mic Level" to "TX Level" since its not just for the mic input.


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