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Including a C-style integer format string in the output filename willautomagically enable +adjoin and are used to specifywhere the -scene number is placed in the filenames. Thesestrings, such as '%d' or '%03d', are familiar to thosewho have used the standard printf()' C-library function. As anexample, the command

The operator is not typically used for real-life images, image scans, orJPEG format images, as a single 'out-rider' pixel can set a bad min/max valuesfor the -level operation. On the other hand it is theright operator to use for color stretching gradient images being used togenerate Color lookup tables, distortion maps, or other 'mathematically'defined images.

The operator is very similar to the -normalize, -contrast-stretch, and -linear-stretch operators, but without 'histogram binning' or 'clipping'problems that these operators may have. That is -auto-level is the perfect or ideal version these operators.

This EXIF profile setting is usually set using a gravity sensor in digitalcamera, however photos taken directly downward or upward may not have anappropriate value. Also images that have been orientation 'corrected' withoutreseting this setting, may be 'corrected' again resulting in a incorrectresult. If the EXIF profile was previously stripped, the -auto-orient operator will do nothing.

For example for operators such as -auto-level and-auto-gamma the color channels are modifiedtogether in exactly the same way so that colors will remain in-sync. Withoutit being set, then each channel is modified separately andindependently, which may produce color distortion.

Options that are affected by the -channel settinginclude the following.-auto-gamma,-auto-level,-black-threshold,-blur,-clamp,-clut,-combine,-composite (Mathematical compose methods only),-convolve,-contrast-stretch,-evaluate,-function,-fx,-gaussian-blur,-hald-clut,-motion-blur,-morphology,-negate,-normalize,-ordered-dither,-rotational-blur,-random-threshold,-range-threshold,-separate,-threshold, and-white-threshold.

The lookup is further controlled by the -interpolate setting, which is especially handy for anLUT which is not the full length needed by the ImageMagick installed Quality(Q) level. Good settings for this are 'bilinear' and'catrom'. Catom can return a useful second-order continuity.

Use the -quality option to set the compression levelto be used by JPEG, PNG, MIFF, and MPEG encoders.Use the -sampling-factor option to set thesampling factor to be used by JPEG, MPEG, and YUV encoders for down-samplingthe chroma channels.

Dithering places two or more colors in neighboring pixels so that to theeye a closer approximation of the images original color is reproduced. Thisreduces the number of colors needed to reproduce the image but at the cost ofa lower level pattern of colors. Error diffusion dithers can use any set ofcolors (generated or user defined) to an image.

The color reduction operators -colors, -monochrome, -remap, and -posterize, apply dithering to images using the reducedcolor set they created. These operators are also used as part of automaticcolor reduction when saving images to formats with limited color support, suchas GIF:, XBM:, and others, so dithering may also be usedin these cases.

The results of the Add, Subtract andMultiply methods can also be achieved using either the -level or the +level operator, withappropriate argument, to linearly modify the overall range of color values.Please note, however, that -level treats transparency as'matte' values (0 = opaque), while -evaluate works with'alpha' values.

A single image name is provided as output for this option. However, theoutput result will have two components. It is either a two-frame image or twoseparate images, depending upon whether the image format specified supportsmulti-frame images. The reason that we get a dual output result is because thefrequency domain represents an image using complex numbers, which cannot bevisualized directly. Therefore, the complex va


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