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Skylanders SuperChargers !!TOP!!

So just how much of the game IS locked away? We never cared too much about unlocking all the tiny parts just to get hats, as long as we've had 2 Giants or a couple of swappable transportation bottoms we we're ok missing a few hats and chests as the games have been long enough story wise. But if there are race tracks behind the 10 vehicular elements seems like we will be missing a lot as I only suspect we'l be getting a few, 2 cars in the dark Wii U pack, a plane in the normal Wii pack, and probably 1 boat. At over 80 skylanders now, we're running out of room. At last DK and Bowser can hang out w/ our amiibo collection, only 8 of those.

Skylanders SuperChargers

ive bought wii u version and wii as wanted dk and bowser,,the games really good an by far best skylanders game,,hopefully there will be more nintendo amiibos in the game in the future its really cool playing as dk an bowser

@cyrus_zuo From an adult perspective Skylanders appears to be a better series, but my kids (ages 5-10) much prefer Disney Infinity 3.0 to it. Disney Infinity has come a long way since it was first introduced and many of the core game mechanics have been drastically revamped (and improved) over version 2.0. We also have both Skylanders Superchargers (Wii U and 3DS) and Disney Infinity 3.0 (PS4 and Wii U). They enjoy the Toybox mode more than anything else and will spend countless hours creating there if given the opportunity. Superchargers is a great game by all means, my only complaint is in the 3DS version that it requires specific superchargers to unlock certain content. So we are unable to play some of the game because we don't have an "Undead" supercharger (gen 5) to unlock the content. In the Wii U version so long as you have one air, land, and sea vehicle and even just one Skylander (although one of each is better) you can play through the entire game and unlock virtually everything.

The fifth game in the series, Skylanders SuperChargers brings with it an array of brand new characters - and, for the first time, vehicles! With 40 new figures on offer in total, the new range is divided up into 20 vehicles, and 20 "SuperChargers" - a range of new Skylanders that, when paired with their own special vehicle, can "supercharge" it, giving it a hefty stat boost. In terms of characters, there are 10 brand new skylanders, and 10 returning from earlier games, in upgraded "SuperCharger" form. For the first time, these reposes will have an all new move set - but that also means they aren't backwards compatible with the earlier games! Here's our full list of all new characters and vehicles for Skylanders SuperChargers 041b061a72


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