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Where To Buy Fidget Spinner In Store Near Me

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Where To Buy Fidget Spinner In Store Near Me

Fidget spinners were first designed decades ago, but only became a genuine phenomenon in early 2017, not long after the product's patents expired. (Amazingly, the woman who invented the fidget spinner isn't making any money on the craze, and perhaps even more amazingly, she isn't bitter about this.) As with any national freakout over a hot new toy, sellers are clamoring to reap profits, and customers are confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

Shoppers hunting for fidget spinners often cannot turn to the usual toy retailers because the stores have either sold out their limited supply or their slow-moving operations haven't yet been able to put spinners on shelves at all. Online, confusion proliferates because there is a dizzying number of spinner models and price points, and it's often unclear at first glance when, exactly, your order might be shipped. Because demand is so high and many of these products are manufactured overseas, in some cases you can buy a spinner and not actually receive it for a month or more.

We're here to help with this handy fidget spinner buying guide. After researching the options online and in stores, here are some helpful tips on where to purchase a fidget spinner and how to make the smartest decisions possible.

As with most online purchases nowadays, the quickest and most cost-effective way to get a fidget spinner delivered is via Amazon Prime. Members, who pay $99 per year or $10.99 per month after a free 30-day trial, get two-day shipping on most purchases at Amazon. Unfortunately, subscribers only get fast free shipping for items listed on the site with the "Prime" checkmark, and the cheapest fidget spinners do not qualify.

Most fidget spinners that have good ratings and are eligible for Prime shipping cost around $13, though we found a few models priced for $6.99 and $7.99 that are also good for Prime's two-day delivery. If you need one-day shipping, be ready to pay $10 or more extra.

Walmart-owned is another good option for fast shipping on fidget spinners, which come in a variety of colors and materials starting at $8.98 for one, or $26.98 for three. Bear in mind, however, that two-day shipping is free on orders only if you reach the minimum-purchase threshold of $35.

The Learning Express chain of toy stores, however, is calling itself "Your Fidget HQ" and boasts an ample supply of spinners. The selection includes metallic, glow-in-the-dark, and standard fidget spinners, and prices are generally $19.99 apiece. Sales have been brisk, so it's wise to call your local Learning Express store to check on what they have in stock or order one in advance for pickup.

The Five Below discount retail chain says that its stores have spinners for only $5, but supplies are limited and vary by location. Also, where spinners are in stock, Five Below may limit customers to buying only one per visit. Many other independent toy stores have spinners too, so stop in or give them a call to see what they have on hand. Finally, while it's hit or miss, fidget spinners have been popping up at many drugstores and convenience stores around the country. So it's worth looking at your local Walgreens, 7-Eleven, or CVS, where spinner prices are generally around $10.

If you want to go off the deep end and explore every unusual and obscure variety of spinner under the sun, have fun browsing at Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, which return over 5,000, 30,000, and 50,000 results, respectively, for "fidget spinner" searches.

The mania for fidget spinners - the 3-inch twirling gadgets taking over classrooms and cubicles - is unlike many other toy crazes. They're not made by a major company, timed for the holiday season, or promoted in TV commercials. They're more easily found at gas stations or 7-Eleven than at big toy chains.

Holden's kids said they needed them before school on Monday so they could practice spinning them. So she signed up for Amazon Prime, paid $5.99 for one-day shipping and had two $15 fidget spinners delivered on a Sunday.

Toys R Us flew fidget spinners in this month from China, rather than wait for ship transport. It says Rubik's Cubes, yo-yos and other toys to occupy restless hands have been hot sellers since the beginning of the year. It also started selling $12.99 fidget cubes - the items that made up the rest of the Amazon best-sellers - which fit in the palm of a hand and have clickers, wheels and switches on the sides.

Unlike hot toys at the holiday season, which are often made by one company, manufacturers - mostly in China - are making the fidget spinners as fast as they can. Jim Silver, the CEO and editor-in-chief of toy review website TTPM, expects the fad to last into the summer and then fade as more of them flood into the market.

Rooijackers' massive giveaway took place in the parking lot of his toy emporium, Toi-Toys, in Eindhoven. Unsurprisingly, thousands of children turned up from far and wide to pick up a free fidget spinner, waiting patiently in the 31 degree heat for their turn.

Rooijackers and his staff were extremely accommodating of their non-paying customers, making sure that everyone had plenty of suncream and something to eat and drink. One of the employees was shocked by the size of the crowd. "Why do all these people want a fidget spinner" she asked aloud to nobody in particular. "To play," replied a young girl standing next to her.

Michel, a truck driver sporting an Australian cowboy hat, promised to give his spinners away to families with autistic children. "You give a kid with autism one of these and it calms them down," he told me. "Better than pumping them full of drugs." Silke, 17, picked up a bag of fidget spinners for her brother. "I think he'll be excited," she said. "We can always recycle the plastic, which is good for the planet."

Incidents involving a popular child's toy known as \"fidget spinners\" are being investigated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission after two separate reported cases of children swallowing parts of the gadget sparked concerns.

\"CPSC is investigating the incidents with kids swallowing fidget spinners in Texas and Oregon,\" the agency wrote in a statement to ABC News. \"We advise parents to keep these away from young children because they can choke on small parts. Warn older children not to put fidget spinners in their mouths.\"

\"Spinners are marked as a choking hazard containing small parts,\" Learning Express added in a May 18 statement to ABC News. \"However, we will also be placing signs in our stores to make sure parents are aware that spinners are a potential choking hazard. As with any toy, parents must choose age-appropriate toys and use caution if their child has a tendency to put things in their mouth.\"

Nancy Cowles, executive director of the nonprofit Kids in Danger, said any toy that is sold in the United States has to meet toy safety standards, but added that it would be difficult to track down the manufacturers of all fidget spinner products. Cowles also noted that children seem to be choking on the spinner toys because they are falling apart.

Wyandot Elementary School in Dublin, Ohio, sent parents a letter this month stating that students are no longer allowed to bring fidget spinners to school. Other schools within Dublin City school district also implemented the new rule, according to ABC affiliate WSYX in Columbus. 59ce067264


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