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People Read Books They Discover

When marketing any new product, helping target customers discover it is crucial. It's what book advertising and publicity work to accomplish for authors. There is intense competition in the marketplace today, and readers have many choices. Getting people to focus on a particular title takes a well-rounded marketing campaign that reaches them with messages they find interesting. Every book and author are unique, so it takes a creative and compelling campaign that makes multiple impressions. They'll buy it when you break through to the right audience and help them find your book interesting.

Advertising and publicity can work hand in hand when well planned. The news coverage sparked by a publicist will likely be more powerful than an ad, but some books do both. You can also produce in-store marketing materials like posters for brick-and-mortar booksellers. The online platforms get more attention today, but stores are still relevant. Some self-published authors are surprised to hear the sales statistics for big-box retailers with book aisles. Because their stores have heavy customer traffic, they can sell some books in volume. Getting your work onto their shelves may take a distributor.

When you think of online PR, many authors' minds go to social media, and well-times posts are valid, especially if they are widely shared. But much will depend on the size of your following and how actively you have them engaged. Other good online publicity vehicles include blogging and podcasting. Virtually all traditional media today (TV, newspapers, etc.) operate companion websites. Therefore, when you earn media coverage, you can expect it to end up online. You can post links to your coverage on social media and increase their value. Your fans and followers who may have missed them can be included.

Authors' tours have resumed since the pandemic, and you can make in-person stops to augment your online appearances. Starting a buzz is important as you launch your book, and events can get the ball rolling. Be sure to re-purpose them as social media and website content. It's also crucial to have an author's website with information about you can your book. Many people considering buying a copy may check online first – with smartphone internet access, they might do it while standing in a store aisle. The point is that many tactics work together to help target readers discover your book.  


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