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Gabe Graham

Dream Piano Chords Vol 1 WAV ((LINK))

For this simple but yet incredibly powerful sample pack we restored a rhodes 73 stage piano and processed through analog gear!We were really determined on getting the most out of our brand new studio toy, so we collaborated with a grammy nominated pianist to achieve this goal.This pack includes:

Dream Piano Chords vol 1 WAV

Download File:

Download best MIDI packs for producers. Loaded with tons of MIDI loops and MIDI chords, these MIDI loops packs can be used for making new tracks using your favorite plugins inside your favorite DAW (FL Studio, Logic Pro, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Reason, etc). Flexibility is maximum when it comes to MIDI loops. You can create new audio loops for Trap, Hip-Hop, RnB, EDM to Jazz, House, Trance, and more.

Ever get tired of sitting at a screen waiting for inspiration? Well, the wait's over!Introducing our first iteration of the Essential MIDI Collection: an extensive library of grooves, motifs, and progressions. Our skilled producers have pooled their raw talent together and loaded this pack full of exactly what you're looking for, pure inspiration and amazing progressions to learn from.. The minute you open up this pack, you'll immediately know how you'll want your version of the MIDI to go, and can begin crafting your masterpiece from there! That's because each progression was carefully crafted to be perfectly quantized and masterfully constructed. Minor, Major, Diminished, Augmented, and Seventh chords are just the basics of what you'll hear in Volume 1 alone! Not to mention, this pack will show you exactly what it takes to make a solid progression that can turn any of your tracks into ridiculously catchy songs.

Song writing is easily one of the most valuable elements in music production. Great song writing has the ability to make your track cohesive, catchy, and an overall banger! But mediocre writing can destroy a song before it ever has the chance to be great!.So, to help you improve on this skill, we hired professional piano players to write an incredible collection of 50 different MIDI files.

It's no secret that, for many producers, music theory is a ridiculously hard concept to grasp. This makes writing chords one of the most time consuming things in their production, which is why we originally created Essential Midi Collections Vol. 1-3.These Essentials Midi Collection helped producers maximize their studio time and save HOURS of unnecessary work. And even if you enjoy writing your own MIDI, these will serve as amazing source of inspiration. Because producers were beyond thrilled with these packs, we decided to make a 4th edition with the most EPIC and MELODIC midi files you will ever come across.

Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world. It allowed me to feel free and adventurous in a time when little else was moving. My intention was to create a safe place, a place without judgment. A place to be free of perfectionism and overthinking. A place to scream, release, feel freedom.

Other musicians also praised the album for its impact and musicology. British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding said that her upcoming album Higher Than Heaven is a dance and house album in the same vein as Renaissance, with Beyoncé taking those genres globally.[143] She later said that Renaissance restored her faith in pop music after the genre was heading in a bad direction.[144] American singer SZA said that the album was the biggest risk a mainstream artist has taken in recent years.[145] American musician Sufjan Stevens praised the production on the album, telling Stereogum: "The wizardry on that album is so awesome and frustrating for me as a musician, because even if you took out her vocals, I'm still obsessed; I'm still intrigued by the engineering and production that's going on and the harmonic relationship between chords."[146]

Get ready for the new "EuroDance 90s" expansion pack - containing the best sounds of the biggest music decade ever - and this expansion pack has everything which made the 90s so great: these FM basses, these rave pianos, these characteristic knocking drums, jungle breakbeats, pizzicato plucks, 303s, digital pads, oldschool stabs, voxy leads and female vocal hooks & male raps as multiloop kits (yes!). Each sound is authentic to the highest level - mostly designed on actually 90s hardware - its like a journey, back to the time when music was inspiring, unique and fun. Manuel Schleis and Stephan Endeman pulled all triggers to make this expansion the best of its kind. Its time to bring a lot classic sounds to a new audience - get this outstanding XP pack now!

The long awaited successor of Melodic Techno 1 is here - and it delivers again: explore the fattest and most complex Melodic Techno Sounds on the market, designed by the dreamteam Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz. 156 presets full of inspiring wobbles, punchy basslines, polyrhytmic arps, voices, atmospheres, vintage analog sounds, monstrous growls, cleverly designed randomizations, well balanced drumkits, masterfully composed melodies and 18 new arpeggio patterns. You want to have the advanced sounds, the big Melodic Techno artists use? Then this is the perfect toolbox for you - also for Trance, EDM, Deephouse and all other kinds of melodic stuff. You dont want to miss this one!

Hoorraay, its party time again! On time with the start of the party season, the new "VPS Avenger Euro Party 2 XP" arrived! On board is everything you need for creating the most authentic German Schlager, Chart/Pop, Apres Ski, Carnival and EDM/Dance tracks! Genre specialist Stephan Endemann delivers again: You will find real guitars, drums, synths, basses, pianos, crowd fx, risers/bombs, plucks and natural instruments. All perfectly designed to match this special character you need for composing party music. You asked us so many times for volume 2, so here you go - have fun!

The long awaited successor to Tech House 1 is finally here: Tech House 2! Brace yourself for the deepest basslines, the darkest drums, the funkiest minimalistic groove patterns, vintage chords & stabs, leads, inspiring arps, plucks and many ultra-cool vocals. Andy Hinz once again did it and totally nailed the modern sound of Tech House. Of course this expansion also works wonderful for any other House, Techno, Trance and EDM genres. You want to have new, unique sounds to set yourself apart from the mainstream? This one is for you, it won't get deeper than this!

Attention, some wonderful art of sound incoming: Melancholia vol. 1 is here and delivers the best cinematic, ambient, chillout, lounge and trance textures & atmospheres you can find. Professional pianist and producer Alan Morris created this outstanding expansion pack, full of emotions and feelings, of surprises, true gems and masterful compositions - this is one of a kind! Similar to our Atmospherica expansion packs, this expansion makes a lot use of granular synthesis and will be the heart and center of your track. Explore dark atmospheres, sad pianos, epic strings, evolving pads and cinematic arcs of suspense. Come and join this exciting trip into sound!

The concert piano - the most versatile and most breathtaking instrument ever made, used in almost any musical genre and decade. Now you have some of the best concert grands at your fingertips in your VPS Avenger! Manuel Schleis puts months of work into this expansion pack, elaborate recordings, laborious multisampling and processing of thousands of samples for up to 23 different velocity zones. You can even setup the string resonances, hammer noises or pedals with the macro buttons. Explore two vastly sampled Steinway grands and a Yamaha concert grand as well as many bonus content like deep cinematic, house and ambient stuff -all done with pianos, a Fender Rhodes MKII54 or even a real harpsichord. Strongly recommended is a 88key masterkeyboard and sustain pedal to get the full experience.

Take a deep breath, sit down and relax: Chillout Lounge 1 is here and offers you the very best sounds, drums and melodies of all kind of slow tempo music, like: Ambient, Lounge, Chillout, Meditation Music, Cinematic Music, Wellness and of course even modern Trance, Melodic Techno, Pop & EDM. This expansion pack is packed with pure beauty and elegancy: Half tempo breakbeats, the most wonderful pads you will ever hear, natural instruments like flutes, voices or pianos, masterfully programmes sequences and arpeggios - a true must have for all relaxed music genres!

Its time for unpolished raw and dirty sounds: LoFi House is here! Explore a totally new world of sound, offering all the characteristics of ancient tapes, vinyls and vintage samplers in one big House expansion pack. Warm noise, hum, flutter, crackles, distortion, low resolution samples, bad interpolation, bitnoise and everything else you usually don't want to have - here it is the star of the show! This expansion provides wonderfully sampled old drums, pianos, pads, arps, synths, effects and vocals, which all will add that magic sounding "grit, dirt and coolness" to your productions. A must have for every House, HipHop, Techno or LoFi producer!

Finally volume 2 of Deep House is here, and its going "deeper" than anytime before! Andy Hinz impressively demonstrates the magic of deep grooves, slightly lofi, atmospheric, big low end, melodic, always lush & chilling - thats the essence of the new Deep House 2 for VPS Avenger! This big expansion pack with 140 presets contains many inspiring arps, basses, pads, leads, riser effects, vocals, pianos, natural instruments and of course 31 perfectly balanced drumkits for your tracks, as well as new samples, shapes and granular loops. Dont miss this wonderful versatile expansion pack for nearly any House, Minimal or Chill/Lounge genre!

Welcome to the worlds end: "Dystopia I" is here! Manuel Schleis & Andy Hinz did it again with this outstanding piece of art: enjoy 130 cinematic post apocalyptic sounds like evil drones, beautiful texutres, emotional atmospheres, big hollywood drums, adrenaline driven basslines, aggressive distorted tones, alarms, epic choirs, complex risers and a huge set of multisampled natural instruments like guitars, pianos, strings, flutes and many ethnic instruments from all around the world. Explore sound design one of a kind. Furthermore you will get new arp patterns, granular loops, drumkits and 15 (!) new guitar multiloop kits, especially recorded for this expansion. Of course these sounds also make the perfect "high quality embedding" for other genres like Trance, Electro, Ambient or Pop. No matter if there is the zombie apocalypse, the nuclear holocaust, a pandemic or the alien invasion - with this expansion you can face them all.


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