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Best Way To Buy Seahawks Tickets

Private Luxury Suites are simply the best seats in the house. They can accommodate parties of 12 to 40 guests, include catering options and are perfect for hosting employees, clients, and prospects in luxury. Suites are available on a limited single game and full season basis.

best way to buy seahawks tickets

As we discussed above, many fans prefer buying directly from the team, but once the game is sold out, you will need to go to the secondary ticket market to find Seattle Seahawks tickets. A secondary ticket marketplace is where tickets that have already been purchased are re-sold for one reason or another.

Seattle Seahawks tickets are available to purchase from the team website by clicking here. If you are interested in viewing a seating chart for Lumen Field, you can view that information by clicking here.

Buying tickets through the Seahawks is not hard, but availability is something you will need to consider. If you hope to buy tickets on gameday from the ticket office at Lumen Field, just be aware that tickets may be sold out and/or lines could be long. To read more, visit our article about buying Seahawks tickets at the stadium.

Although Seattle Seahawks tickets are first listed through the team, once they sellout, you will need to go to the secondary ticket market to purchase your tickets. This includes sites like Vivid Seats, StubHub, and Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange.

Vivid Seats is an online ticket broker that allows you to purchase re-sold Seahawks tickets. What is a re-sold ticket? Re-sold tickets are tickets that have already been purchased once, but for whatever reason, the original buyer no longer is going to use the ticket and is therefore re-selling it using an online ticket broker like Vivid Seats.

As you can see, it was very easy to find the game, browse through the tickets, and load the tickets into the cart for purchase. For NFL tickets, including Seattle Seahawks tickets, Vivid Seats is my favorite option.

Click here to view Seattle Seahawks tickets available at StubHub (affiliate link takes you to This is a nice option to compare and contrast prices compared to the Vivid Seats tickets we discussed first.

Just like the other secondary ticket sites we discussed above, Ticketmaster is committed to ensuring you receive real tickets and that you have access to reliable refunds in case the event is canceled.

SeatGeek is unique because it is a ticket search engine that searches through the largest tickets sites on the internet to give you an idea of what seats are available across all of those sites. This makes it much easier than you going to each site individually to compare prices.

If this is something you might like to consider, this is where you can view Seattle Seahawks tickets available at SeatGeek (affiliate link takes you to They also do a nice job of giving you the vantage point from each seat so you know what your view of the field will be.

Click here to view Seattle Seahawks tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to If you wish to buy from the team, the process is not hard, but availability is an issue. To learn more about purchasing tickets directly from the Seahawks, visit their ticket page by clicking here.

And it is also worth pointing out that this price drop as gameday approaches does not always occur (sometimes the opposite happens). According to TickPick, roughly 75% of NFL tickets decrease in price as you get closer to game day (source).

So, there are occasions where you may be able to get Seattle Seahawks tickets for cheaper if you wait until closer to gameday. But this method is not without risk. The tickets you want may no longer be available if you wait, and there is no guarantee that ticket prices will for sure decrease in price.

Lumen Field is accessible by Link light rail, ST Express buses and several Metro routes. The stadium is a short walk from the Link Stadium and International District/Chinatown stations as well as numerous bus stops. Use the online trip planner to find your best option.

Super Bowl tickets, unlike other playoff games, operate slightly differently. With many seats going to corporate sponsors, an additional week between games, and exorbitant prices, we looked at StubHub sales from last season to see how resale prices fluctuated closer to the game.

The NFL kicks off its season next month, and fans are eager to get back to the stands. Many fans are also turning to the secondary market to see their favorite teams. This often means inflated prices and high service fees. So is there any way to save on resale tickets?

To uncover the best time to buy resale NFL tickets, FinanceBuzz analyzed over 1.6 million aftermarket ticket sales from the 2021-2022 NFL season. Using data from, we determined when ticket demand is highest, when prices are lowest, and how long fans should hold out to get the best deal.

NFL fans who purchased tickets months before a game pay more on average than those who wait until the last minute. Tickets purchased more than three months before a game cost 16% more than the average resale price for the season. And nearly one-fifth of all resale tickets were sold during this time period.

Fans who want the best possible deal on NFL tickets are going to have to be the most patient. On average, the lowest-priced tickets were sold the same day as the game. Only 4% of all resale tickets were sold on game days, but they were a staggering 29% cheaper than average.

FinanceBuzz used data from to analyze over 1.6 million NFL tickets sold on secondary markets (such as StubHub) for all regular season games played during the 2021-2022 season. Games played overseas were not included in this analysis.

On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free Seattle Seahawks tickets which also include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an event is canceled or deemed unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. Customers on TicketIQ save between 15%-25% compared to other secondary market ticketing sites.

Season tickets to the Seattle Seahawks are sold out, and the Blue Pride Wait List is at capacity, but fans can join the Notification List. Fans on the Notification List will be alerted when Blue Pride Wait List spots become available. There is no fee to join the Notification List, but a $100 deposit is required to join the Wait List.

Delta Sky360 Club: Ticket holders get access to a high-end Club as well as some of the best seats at Lumen Field. Inside the modern Club, fans will get a chance to meet former Seahawks, get their faces painted or enjoy high-speed internet access, as well enjoy upscale food and beverage options. Delta Sky360 members can use private entrances for early entry, and get merchandise discounts.

TicketIQ is committed to the cheapest tickets possible, and we make much less on sold out tickets compared to other major marketplaces like StubHub and Vivid. That means ticket buyers save from up to 25% on TicketIQ on sports, music and theater. We're able to do this because we also work with teams, venues, and other ticket owners, to help them sell tickets at face price, directly to consumers like you, through Ticketmaster and Seatgeek. For an overview of the 2020 NFL Ticket Buying landscape, and details on the cheapest way to get tickets for every team, visit the TicketIQ Blog.

The Seahawks and Rams were two of the best home squads during the 2018 season. Unfortunately for Seattle, Los Angeles currently has a three-game winning streak against Russell Wilson and company. The Seahawks lost even when scoring 31 points in each of the last two contests against the Rams.

The Seattle Seahawks open with two consecutive road games, but when they get home at the end of September -- boom! The home opener is ranked the second most expensive domestic matchup in the NFL this season. Below is how Seahawks ticket prices prices stack up on the secondary market across the league. As you can see, Seahawks tickets are down 9%, making them the fifth most expensive since 2011, when began tracking data. Despite the drop in price, at $358 per seat on the secondary market, the Seahawks have the second most expensive tickets in the NFL. Seattle finished second in the NFC West last sea son, and the average asking price continues to ebb the further Seattle gets from its Super Bowl victory after the 2014 season.

If a game is postponed or rescheduled, your tickets may be valid for the new date, so hang onto them and we will keep you posted. In addition to our standard Purchase Policy, our Supplemental Terms apply. For all the info regarding the 2022 NFL Season, please visit our complete list of FAQs.

Ticketmaster is the best place to buy NFL tickets to see your favorite team play live. As the Official Ticket Marketplace of the NFL, Ticketmaster has the best seats to every game, so you never miss a minute of the action. Even when the game is sold out, Ticketmaster can still get you in with the widest selection of 100% verified resale tickets available from other fans. Score tickets here and get ready for game day.

Whether your team finished in a position to play a home game or you're a fan looking to travel and support your club on the road, The Sporting News can help with the search for the best way to purchase tickets.

49ers vs. Seahawks tickets are going for prices as high as $6,201 for the best available seats, according to TicketSmarter. The cheapest tickets available are $111, with the average price around $313.

The most expensive tickets for the Jaguars vs. Chargers game are going as high as $7,173, per TicketSmarter. A single ticket to the game currently has an average price of around $641, while the cheapest is $147.

The NFL schedule release typically is announced within two to three weeks of the NFL draft (the draft is happening April 28-30th this year). The NFL schedule release is the best time to sell your tickets in terms of ticket prices, so it is an exciting day for season ticket holders in many different ways. 041b061a72


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