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Hacking Gmail or Google is the second most searched account hacking topic on the internet next to hacking Facebook account. Hacking into a Google account gives access not only to Gmail but also to their prominent counterparts such as Android (since one can control a android device using Google account), YouTube, Drive, Hangouts, etc.



People think that hacking in to a Google account is easy and all they need is a hacking tool either online or offline but the truth is very different. I have seen many Gmail hackers (both web based & app based) around the internet. All of them are fake and posted only in the intention of making money.

Phishing is the most common technique used for hacking Gmail account password and it has highest success rate while comparing to all other gmail password hacking methods due to its trustworthy layout and appearance. It do not need much technical knowledge to get a phishing page done and that is why phishing is widely used for hacking gmail passwords.

Security Question does not let you get into others Gmail account easily. But setting a weak password could easily allow any of your friends to hack into your account. What is a weak password in this scenario? A password which can be easily guessed by a third person is called weak password. Below are some of the most common passwords people tend to use in Gmail.

In another scenario, your friend/colleague/neighbor could ask you to login using their computer as a help. If their intention is to get your password then you are most likely to get your FB account hacked.

When you visit some malicious websites or webpages, you will be prompted to install a browser addon. Once you install the addon, it would perform all the tasks described by Gmail hacker or attacker who created it. Some primary actions are posting status updates in your Google wall, following a Google page, following a person, inviting your friends etc. You may not know these things happening in your Google account except when you check your Google Activities periodically.

Most browser vulnerabilities are exploited through an older version of browser since all of the zero days are patched by browser vendor once it is reported by researchers around the world. For example, Browser Same Origin Policy Vulnerability could allow a hacker / attacker to read response of any Page like Gmail and could be able to perform any action in your Gmail account since they are able to read the response by accessing the origin. Android Chrome SOP bypass by Rafay Baloch is one such vulnerability that is affecting Android webview in Android

Self XSS is something that you let hackers to hack your account ? Never and ever copy & paste code given by someone in your browser. Otherwise you will get your Gmail account hacked.

With the increase in cybercrimes, proper measures must be taken to protect your data. Cybercriminals can use various methods to enter your system, whether by malware software or phishing. Most commonly, social media, SMS and email are the best sources for sharing links which contain malware. The most common source of all these cyber-attacks is email. It increases the risk of leaking your bank account details, credit card details and social media account passwords.

To hack a email Account is easy. Hackers choose email because it contains ample information about the users that the hacker can use. Hacking through email can cause much damage to the system as well as the personal life of an individual. Find a way to hack the email account is quite easy. Hackers commonly send a link to your email by impersonating a member of major brands. Once you click on the link, the hacker has full access to your system.

Not just by sending emails, hackers can also hack your account by spoofing the email address. This trick is mostly used for Gmail hack. In this method, the hackers create a forged sender address that seems like the victim. Then the email is used to mail spoof messages to the victim, which contains malware. They often ask for money. If you see how to hack a Gmail account, you will use this method at the top of the list.

It is far more difficult to perform in comparison to keylogging. For this, you need to know about hacking. In phishing, scam webpages look very similar to legitimate websites. The fake webpages resemble that of Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. Apart from these social accounts, people can be hacked using this method. The link to pages can be sent via the use of email. Mostly Gmail hack is performed using this method. Knowledge of PHP, CSS, JSP and HTML is needed. It is always recommended to add a 2FA on your email account to avoid these kind of mishaps

Each account is equipped with security features that make it harder for thieves to access it. Most of these features, however, are optional. This results in many accounts being wide open to theft. So how exactly would a hacker access your account?

The easiest way to recognize a phishing email is to check the sender. Google will only ever contact you using an email address that ends with If an email asks you to visit your Google account, it's also a good idea to enter the URL manually.

If you want to use an easy to remember password, it's therefore important to avoid any information that a hacker could potentially research; think about what someone could find out about you via your social media accounts, for instance.

A keylogger is a piece of malicious software that records keystrokes. They are primarily used by hackers to steal passwords. If there's a keylogger on your computer, your Google account password is an obvious target.

One problem with this feature is that it provides one more way for your account to be hacked. If you don't use the secondary account very often, it's possible that it doesn't have very strong security. Hackers are aware of this and may attempt to hack that account instead as a workaround.

If your Google account is hacked, the damage a hacker can do depends largely on what it's connected to. But even if you don't use your account for anything important, you will still lose access to it until you can prove that it belongs to you.

2) Always use a strong password: We have also observed many cases in which the password of the Gmail account set up by the users is pretty much easy to guess for the hackers. So, please make sure that you will set up a strong password in which you can use some alphanumeric characters as well.

5) Avoid installing Third-party apps: Always remember that installing apps from an unknown source can become a much bigger threat to your privacy,because these third-party apps contain hidden programs in them which spies on your phone and collect all the important data from your phone. These apps are managed by professional hackers who can quickly get to know about your Gmail account password whenever you enter that on your device.

You might have received a lot of unwanted email, such as subscriptions or promotional offers. In a targeted attack, a hacker can try to fill up your inbox so that you can't find important security alerts from websites or services you signed up for with your Gmail account.

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack. This attack hacker creates a fake page of social media account like Facebook, Instagram, and others but they like real accounts and do the social engineering of a target and then the target clicks on this link and fills the credentials and credit card numbers. etc to their account is compromised by a hacker.

In early 2021, a Chinese threat actor tracked as TA413 attempted to hack into the Gmail accounts of Tibetan organizations using a malicious browser extension, researchers with cybersecurity firm Proofpoint have discovered.

Once a system has been compromised by phishing, malware, unpatched vulnerabilities, whatever, the threat actors can install the extension using a malicious VBS script that replaces the system preference files. Once that's done and the extension runs quietly in the background, it is tough to detect. The user logs in to their Gmail account from their normal browser on the expected system.

It has now been confirmed that the SharpTongue/Kimsuky group is using, as was always likely the case, "spear phishing and social engineering" tactics linked with a malicious document to initiate the SHARPEXT attacks against Gmail users. There is also confirmation that, so far at least, only Windows users appear to be targeted. The concerns for Microsoft users don't end there, though, as new reports have revealed, like the SHARPEXT campaign, multi-factor authentication is also being bypassed by other threat actors targeting email accounts.

In the Tor network, several hackers offering their services using their own websites, black markets represent the privileged choice to get in touch with a hacker and hire him. The principal benefits to hire a hacker on a black marketplace are:

Only when your boss is suspicious about your activities or thinks that you are using the company Gmail for doing something unpleasant like white-collar crime, or selling company information, will your employer hack and spy on your Gmail account.

Your partner or spouse can also spy on your Gmail account if they suspect you are cheating or having an affair. By hacking your Gmail account, your partner can catch your cheating act.

There are several ways you can hack Gmail. Many ways focus mostly on spying on Gmail accounts rather than hacking them. As you can get all the necessary info by just spying, there is no need to crack the encryption and hack Gmail.

Of the many spy apps in the market you can use to hack a Gmail account, MobileSpy is the best. It has a wide range of features and high reliability while ensuring a high level of effectiveness.


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